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The Forrest region consists of 2 main prospects and new discovery targets.




Copper mineralisation at the Forrest Prospect was discovered in 2014 through re-assaying of previously gold focused drilling. Within the same year, RC and diamond drilling was completed to test an interpreted southerly plunge and identified copper mineralisation. Best intercetps include:

FGDD001: 9.65m @ 5.0% Cu and 1.91g/t Au from 142.4m,


Drilling at the Wodger Prospect has confirmed a VMS mineralised horizon within the modelled alteration halo at the Wodger Prospect. Observations throughout the drilling have been extremely encouraging, showing a wide zone of extremely weathered, hydrothermally altered siltstone with vuggy quartz which sits on the margins of the Ravelstone Formation sediments and the Narracoota Formation volcanic rocks.

Aircore holes WRAC013 and WRAC014 intersected visible malachite over several metres at the base of this hydrothermally altered sediment.

RC Drilling at Wodger Prospect.
RC Drilling at Wodger Prospect.
Wodger cross section A-B: 7188900mN cross section showing the extensive copper mineralisation (>0.1% Cu) in relation to the prospect scale geology.

New Targets

Wodger North

  • 4m @ 0.18% Cu, from 56m (WRAC193)
  • 14m @ 0.29% Cu, from 28m to EOH (WRAC194)
  • 8m @ 0.13% Cu, from 24m; and 12m @ 0.52% Cu, from 36m; and8m @ 0.12% Cu, from 68m (WRAC203); and
  • 4m @ 0.22% Cu, from 64m (WRAC191

Big Billy South

  • 4m @ 1.63g/t Au, from 24m (WRAC165)
  • 8m @ 1.02g/t Au, from 20m (WRAC161)
  • 4m @ 0.98g/t Au, from 40m (WRAC160)
  • 4m @ 0.49g/t Au & 0.8% Cu, from 16m (WRAC155); and
  • 4m @ 0.60g/t Au, from 16m (WRAC154)


A Priority 3 VTEM exploration target, in a structurally complex area of folding and faulting

  • 8m @ 0.20% Cu, from 44m (WRAC182); and

  • 7m @ 0.50g/t Au, from 48m (WRAC182)

Aircore drill coverage of the Wodger-Big Billy Trend targeting mineralisation associated with the Narracoota Formation. New drill holes are shown as pink triangles, with new prospects locations in red.